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Protecting Mobility through Improving Labour Rights Enforcement in Europe (PROMO)

The project aims to enhance administrative cooperation and information sharing between relevant stakeholders engaged with the posting of workers....

Learn and move on

This educational project aims to empower young people and support them in getting active in their environment/community and to support partnerships and know-how exchange in the field of intercultural...

Towards stronger transnational labour inspection cooperation (STRONGLAB)

The labour intensive industrial and agriculture sectors in the V4 have experienced a significant increase in labour migration from Ukraine as well as from other European states....

„Terrified citizens” and refugees in the Czech Republic and Germany: challenge for teachers

The main aim of this project is to support teachers in the Czech Republic and Germany, who have to deal with actual social issues in the field of migration and refugees or hatred and the growing...

Through Teachers’ Education Towards the Prevention of Stereotyping in GDE

The project aims to strengthen the competences of teachers and librarians in global development and intercultural education with an emphasis on preventing the transmission of stereotypes....

Prague Shared and Divided

In the remembrance/historical project “Prague Shared and Divided”, two main tools were created to explore public space and multiple memories of Prague: alternative guided tours and an interactive...

European Web Site on Integration

The European project "European Web Site on Integration" is a partnership project of Multicultural Centre Prague....

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