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Executive Director

Zuzana Schreiberová received her bachelor degree in Liberal Arts from the Faculty of Humanties, where she focused her research on the contemporarly Prague Jewish community. She continued with an M.A. degree in General Anthropology, where she specialized in historical anthropology, narrative analysis and memory studies. Since September is she active in the Initiative Hlavák and other pro-refugees volunteer activities.

Financial Manager

Denisa Zobačová studied in the Faculty of Philosophy and Art of the Charles University in Prague. Denisa has been cooperating with MKC Prague since January 2009. She is responsible for the management of library collections, library services, Czech press monitoring and websites.


Information Services

Sára D. Vidímová studied French Philology at the Faculty of Arts of the Charles University in Prague where she currently studies Political Science. She is mainly concerned with Political theory and she is working on a research project on contemporary populism in France. She spent one semestr in Paris at the Sciences Po University. She started working in the MKC in March 2016 mostly on an international project called Labour Citizenship. Nowadays she works as an editor. 


Intercultural and global development education and migration

Lucie Bilderová is currently coordinating a project Prevention of Xenophobia and Support of Civil Society in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She has been with MKC Prague since 2012, she has a background in intercultural work and work with stereotypes. She gives trainings for students and teachers, and she is interested in combining body movement with educational processes.


Jan Dítko has been working for MKC since November 2012 as a coordinator of the projects.


Michal Trčka is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Political Science (Faculty of Philosophy and Arts of Charles University – Prague) and a lecturer in the Department of Philosophy (Faculty of Science, Humanities and Education; Technical University of Liberec). His research focuses on interdisciplinary analysis of teritoriality and European borders. He is involved in a research project entitled "The Changes of Borders in Europe". He works for non-profit organization The Multicultural Center Prague as a Methodologist and Researcher.


Anna Hubáčková studied Sustainable Rural Development in the Tropics and Subtropics at the Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences, Czech University of Life Sciences Prague. Anna worked on the projects "Enhancement of Technical Education in Cambodia" and "Support for improving the quality of scientific research, teaching and international activities at universities in Cambodia" during her Ph.D. study program. Anna has been cooperating with MKC Prague since 2017 as a coordinator of the project "Through Teachers’ Education Towards Prevention of Stereotyping in GDE".


Hedvika Janečková holds an MA in Critical Gender Studies from the Central European University in Budapest and a BA in Political Science and European Studies from the Palacky University in Olomouc. Her work has centered on equality policies, especially in the field of paid and unpaid work. She is particularly interested in the discussions about global inequalities, the unequal division of labour and other issues debated in the field of feminist political economy. She has been working at MKC Praha since June 2017 as a coordinator of international projects on labor migration and working conditions.


Justyna Janowska graduatd International relations at the University of Warsaw. Her research focused on regional cooperation in the framework of the Visegrád Group (V4). She has been involved in several think tanks in Poland and gained experience at state institutions as well as civil society organizations. In the past she has been collaborating with multiple news portals writing articles about political and public affairs in central European countries.  She is particularly interested in civic participation of migrants, international migration from Ukraine to Poland and the Czech republic and migration policy of the latter.  She joined MKC in September 2017 as a coordinator of international projects on labor migration and working conditions.


Michaela Vyležíková studied International humanitarian work at Palacký Univerzity and later spend half year teaching at Maria Regina School in Semarang, Indonesia. In her work she focuses on development of informal and experiantial learning. She is also a lecturer of soft skills, non violent communication or critical thikning. She joined MKC at autumn 2017 and is mainly responsible for methodical framework of students´educational programmes.


Multicultural Center Prague's Board
Jakob Hurrle, Diplom.-Ing. - chairperson and statutary representative of MKC Praha

Other Board members: Mgr. Kateřina Březinová, Ph.D., Mgr. Barbora Hořavová, Ing. Petr Lobotka, Ing. Hana Petrová Žáková, Mgr. Tereza Rejšková, Mgr. Pavel Čižinský, Bc. Barbora Matysová


Ivana Stočesová has been working with us since our founding in 1999.

Maternity and parental leave 
Jana Troupová studied in the Faculty of Geography at Charles University in Prague. Jana has been cooperating with MKC Prague since June 2014. She is responsible for the websites, Czech press monitoring, and coordinates Previously she coordinated development projects in India, and she worked and travelled in Ecuador and Bolivia twice.



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