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Through Teachers’ Education Towards the Prevention of Stereotyping in GDE

The project aims to strengthen the competences of teachers and librarians in global development and intercultural education with an emphasis on preventing the transmission of stereotypes....

Not in our Countries? Refugees, Asylum and Fundamental Rights Education in Youth work

The project contributes to further development of the educational discourse between Czech and German educators in the field of Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education...

BRICkS – Building Respect on the Internet by Combating Hate Speech

Many recent studies show that on websites, blogs and social networks, manifestations of hate speech are increasing, especially among young people....

Match it - fostering the debate on non formal citizenship education for young people in the Czech Republic and Germany

This project contributes to fostering the educational discourse between Czech and German educators who work in non-formal educational organizations in the field of Education for Democratic...

Women behind the Counter. Transformations of Work and Working Conditions of Domestic and Foreign Retail Workers

Women’s labour in various economic sectors has been of interest to social sciences and women´s organizations in the Czech Republic....

Testing EU citizenship as "labour citizenship"from cases of labour rights violations to a strengthened labour-rights regime

Together against racism

Media shapes the form of public discourse of Roma people and defines the way of their perception by broad public....

Prevention of Xenophobia and Support of Civil Society in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The educational project aims on increasing capacities of teachers at secondary schools and activization of young people and prevention of ethnonationalism....

Integration policies: Who benefits? The development and use of indicators in integration debates (MIPEX 2015)

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